Service Quality Centre is an integrated training and consultancy provider renowned for its holistic approach towards developing strong capabilities and competencies in people.  Backed by a robust heritage of over 50 years experience as a soft skills specialist and a hard skills expert, we offer a total and holistic approach that covers all aspects of the continuous improvement journey, from implementation to evaluation.

Our Service Excellence programmes are designed to inculcate appropriate mindsets and hone practical skills, techniques and suggested work practices to ensure customer management excellence.

Our Employability Skills WSQ programmes equip all ranks of staff with the competencies necessary for effective decision making, problem solving, communication, and team building.

Our portfolio of programmes is designed to strengthen organisational competencies in business excellence, communication, data analytics, finance, trade, sales and marketing.

Our personal development programmes enable individuals to maximise their potentials with the skills in creativity, I.T., language, leadership and self-development.

Our training and consulting solutions in this area help organisations keep their focus on achieving optimum efficiency in their operations with best-in-class processes.

Acquire key knowledge and skills to support your business and employees in protecting the integrity and sustainability of their workplace and environment.