About Service Quality Centre

Service Quality Centre (SQC) is an integrated training and consultancy provider renowned for its holistic approach towards developing strong capabilities and competencies in people.

Established in 1990, SQC’s rich heritage is derived from founding partners, Singapore Airlines (SIA), one of the world’s leading carriers listed in Fortune 500 and an internationally respected brand; and National Productivity Board (now known as SPRING Singapore), a government enterprise development agency that develops and promotes internationally recognised standards and quality assurance. It was founded as part of the government’s efforts to raise service standards in Singapore.

With the best of SIA’s service philosophy infused with SPRING’s experience in setting standards for business excellence and innovation, SQC delivered the business advantage that organisations – public and private, large and small – needed to provide outstanding customer value, quality, and performance.

SQC is backed by a robust heritage spanning over 30 years of experience as a soft skills specialist and a hard skills expert. It continues to retain its hallmark Quality and Productivity-related training and consultancy solutions that enable organisations to reach peak business performance by enhancing their key business processes.

Leveraging on the vast experience and expertise in applying learning science with the latest technologies, SQC’s proprietary tools such as SQ Scan™ are used widely to drive learning outcomes effectively and efficiently. Till date, SQC has trained more than 1 million participants globally, owned more than 150 proprietary courses, and worked with more than 200 in-house and associate trainers to provide customised training solutions.

Our vision, mission, and values



Service Quality Centre will be a world class leading organisation for the development and application of Service, Quality, and Innovation.



Service Quality Centre will partner organisations to create Service, Quality, and Innovation solutions for corporate excellence.



E = Pursuit of Excellence
L = Loyalty
I = Innovation
T = Mutual Trust and Respect
E = Ethics and Integrity

Our heritage and milestones

SQC founded as a joint-venture between SIA and NPB; Pioneered the concept of “bootcamp” service training in Singapore.
Set up joint-venture SQC Indonesia with Bank Central Asia.
Developed a national curriculum “Customer Service Training Programme” to prepare service workers for IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings in Singapore.
Commissioned by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (now known as SkillsFuture Singapore – SSG) to develop the national curriculum “Certified Service Professional (CSP)”.
Appointed by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (now known as SkillsFuture Singapore – SSG) as the 1st Continuing Education & Training (CET) Centre for WSQ Service Excellence.
SQC merged with PSB Academy Corporate Learning & Consulting (CLC) to form TUV SUD PSB Learning; Commissioned by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (now known as SkillsFuture Singapore – SSG) to develop the national curriculum “The Service Innovator (TSI)”.
Appointed by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (now known as SkillsFuture Singapore – SSG) as a Continuing Education & Training (CET) Centre for WSQ Employability Skills.
SQC became a subsidiary of MDIS Corporation Pte Ltd. MDIS Corporation Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).
Recognised at the national level GEMS Up Movement during the Service Excellence Medallion 10th Anniversary for contribution to service improvement in Singapore.
SQC embarked on overseas expansion to develop international presence and branding by providing franchise opportunities on its training and development model.
Since 1 September 2016, SQC has been an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) of SSG to provide quality training for development of a highly skilled workforce.
Appointed the first franchisee in Malaysia.
Recognised as a South West SkillsFuture Advice Partner during the event “Celebrate SkillsFuture Advice @ South West” for commitment to develop employees in their continuous learning and improving their skills.

Our commitment to offer a holistic and dynamic improvement journey

In present times, the global shift towards a worldwide knowledge-based economy makes it critical for organisations to create a dynamic workforce with a clear strategic vision and motivation to excel beyond expectations. The key to survival and success in the new global marketplace is in embracing effective and targeted training.

As your strategic partner, we offer a holistic and dynamic approach that covers all aspects of your continuous improvement journey, from implementation to evaluation. Starting with an in-depth understanding of your business goals and long-term vision, our experts are committed to taking you through every significant stage in improving your organisational performance. Our flexible and effective training solutions are supported with customised consultancy services to address critical business issues and assist people and organisations in improving performance, achieving positive changes, and gaining new ground.

We have successfully helped our clients to:

  • Differentiate the organisation and its competitors apart by articulating its unique service value proposition
  • Win loyal customers and positive word of mouth by creating a distinctive and unique customer experience
  • Compete through continuous innovation and creative service solutions
  • Resolve employee performance gaps that impede achieving organisational expectations
  • Empower the talent capital with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes through the outstanding and creatively designed courses and interventions
  • Be recognised as premier organisations by acquiring the Business Excellence Awards and Certifications

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