Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme

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Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme

WSS encourages low wage workers to undertake training that leads to more impactful employment outcomes. To be eligible for WSS, you must be a recipient of the Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) Scheme.

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A.Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme: Eligibility Criteria
B.Employers: Absentee Payroll
C.Self-sponsored Individuals: Training Allowance
D.Training Commitment Award (TCA)
E.Funding Conditions
F.Complete Listing of WSS Funded Courses

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A. Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme: Eligibility Criteria

To qualify, individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident;
  • Aged 35 years and above (13 years and above for Persons with Special Needs);
  • Currently employed (include Self-Employed Persons who declare his/her Net Trade Income or work done in the preceding Work Year and made Medisave contributions.);
  • Earns an average gross monthly income of not more than $2,300 for the past 12 months;
  • Lives in a property with an annual value of less than $13,000 assessed as at 31 December of the preceding year;
  • Owns less than two properties; and
  • If married:
    - Together with spouse, own less than two properties; or
    - Spouse’s assessable income for the preceding Year of Assessment is less than $70,000

For more information on some of the criteria such as property value, you may refer HERE, and select the employment category applicable to you. This is similar to the WIS criteria made available in Workfare website.

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B. Employers: Absentee Payroll

Absentee Payroll (AP)
BenefitsSponsoring employers are eligible for AP at up to 95% of eligible employee's hourly basic salary.
Claim ProcessEmployer may login to the Enterprise Portal for Jobs and Skills to submit the claims.

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C. Self-sponsored Individuals: Training Allowance

Training Allowance (TA)
BenefitsSelf-sponsoring individuals are eligible for TA at $6.00 per training hour, up to 180 hours per WSS eligibility year.

The TA of $6.00 per training hour will apply for courses that start within your WSS eligibility period.

Note: TA is paid via PayNow linked to your NRIC. Please ensure that you have your PayNow account set up. Setting up a PayNow account is easy if you already have an internet or mobile banking account. Simply login and follow the steps. You may also enquire with your bank on how to set up and link your bank account to PayNow linked to your NRIC.
Claim ProcessTA is only applicable to trainees who are employed.

If you are employed and have regular CPF contributions, no application is required. If eligible for TA, it will be credited via PayNow linked to your NRIC to the registered bank account 1 to 5 months after course completion.

If you are self-employed and do not have regular CPF contributions, you will need to make a TA claim and provide documents to prove active employment. Please submit your TA claim online at under Training Allowance section within 120 days from your course end date. You will require your SingPass to log in. If you are eligible for TA, it will be credited via PayNow linked to your NRIC to the registered bank account up to 3 months after your TA claim submission.

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D. Training Commitment Award (TCA)

Training Commitment Award (TCA)
Benefits1. $500 per WSQ or Academic CET Full Qualification attained;

2. $100 for any 2 of the following courses up to $200:
- WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA)
- Academic CET Modular Certificate or Post-Diploma Certificate
- Certifiable Courses supported by SSG

Note: (i) The completion of courses must be attained within your WSS eligibility period as stated in your WSS eligibility letter. (ii) The total TCA is capped at $1,000 per WSS eligibility year.
Claim ProcessNo application is required.

Individuals who receive a WSS letter are eligible for TCA if they achieve the Full Qualification and/or courses within the WSS eligibility period stated in the letter. It will take up to 3 months for TCA to be disbursed.

Individuals will be notified of their TCA payment via SMS and/or letter by CPF Board.

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E. Funding Conditions

The funding conditions include:

  • Passed the course
  • Achieved minimum 75% attendance
  • Not barred from receiving government grants

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F. Complete Listing of WSS Funded Courses

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