Funding Overview


SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Funding

*. NEW: Top-up of $4,000 SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career)
A. Employers: SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit
B. Employers: Course Fee and Absentee Payroll Funding
C. Self-sponsored Individuals: Course Fee Funding
D. Self-sponsored Individuals: How to use SkillsFuture Credit
E. SSG Grants Disbursement Criteria
F. WSQ Electronic Certificates (e-Certs)
G. Listing of SSG Funded Courses

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Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme

A. Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme: Eligibility Criteria
B. Employers: Absentee Payroll
C. Self-sponsored Individuals: Training Allowance
D. Training Commitment Award (TCA)
E. Funding Conditions
F. Complete Listing of WSS Funded Courses

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Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) – Service Excellence

A. About This Grant
B. Eligibility Criteria
C. Service Excellence
D. How to Apply
E. Claims

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