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We offer a wide range of consultancy services

Since 1999, Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd (SQC) has partnered and assisted 13 organisations to win the coveted Singapore Quality Award (SQA), the highest business excellence accolade in Singapore. It is also the Business Excellence (BE) consultant to 3 Innovation Award (I-Award) winners and 1 4-In-1 Niche Standards certified holder.

SQC has successfully helped clients to:

  • Co-create the organisational service DNA
  • Create a unique customer experience (CX) journey mapping
  • Identify and resolve employee performance gaps in measurement against organisational expectations, mission, vision, and values
  • Enhance their strategy formulation and deployment processes
  • Establish a customer-focused culture in their workplaceEstablish an organisational culture that fosters creativity and innovation
  • Equip entire workforce with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards agendas for excellence
  • Establish and guide the implementation of their measurement and performance tracking systems
  • Earn their recognition by acquiring BE Awards and BE Certifications

Range of consultancy services

Our team of multi-disciplinary resident consultants will assist you in meeting your organisational set objectives or guide you towards achieving your chosen certification.


Business Excellence (BE) framework

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Business Strategy Development

  • Organisation Scan
  • Strategic Intent Design and Development
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Human Capital Development

  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Job Redesign
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Service Excellence

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Star Profiling
  • Customer Experience Journey Gap Analysis & Improvement Plan
  • Customer Experience Journey Mapping and standards
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