Corporate Training

At the heart of Service Quality Centre (SQC)'s services are interactive programmes that are specially customised to meet your organisational training goals. The training programmes are effective and efficient in creating an outstanding mental impact on your employees. The result is a clear win/win scenario of affordable training fees with maximum training results.


Our Approach

SQC believes that all learning must lead to a positive change in performance. This philosophy is the core around which all its programmes and courses are designed. The soft skills/quality/productivity programmes can be customised for organisations of various sizes and across different industries.

SQC helps you to develop an effective and flexible training programme and learning path that support organisational goals and the individual growth of employees. The delivery medium for training will be carefully selected and crafted to ensure that new knowledge and skills attained by employees from attending SQC's training can impact performance at the workplace and beyond.

SQC will also ensure that its training is conducted in an interactive and engaging environment, regardless of the locations. The training can be conducted at the SQC's training centres (Devan Nair Institute/Stirling) and the client's premises.

Maximise your employees’ potentials with SQC's consultancy solutions and targeted training programmes. Expand the knowledge and growth opportunities to enhance the scope and capacity of your organisation today! Please contact SQC's learning experts for further discussions on your training requirements at +65 6376 0777 or email to

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