General Terms and Conditions

A. Preparation for course

To register for SQC's courses, the enrollee must ensure the minimum requirements are met:

Enrollees must possess the language literacy requirement i.e. at least a Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Proficiency Level 5 or GCE “O” Level pass in English Language (ability to listen, speak, read and write/type* in English) *Type applies to courses conducted via ZOOM that requires enrollees to type their answers using Google Form for their Learning Assessment.

For courses that are conducted “live” via ZOOM, enrollees must possess two fully charged devices (a laptop or PC plus mobile phone) with the following requirements (no sharing amongst enrollees) :
- Personal Computer (PC) / Laptop with webcam – Install Zoom plugin when prompted
- Audio devices – microphone (inbuilt in devices) and earphones (optional but strongly encouraged for noisy background and weak audio reception)
- Mobile phone (for responding to online activities, digital attendance QR code scanning)
- Strong, stable and safe network connection (for internet access)

For funded WSQ programme by Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG), e-attendance-taking via SingPass will be the default attendance-taking mode regardless if the course is conducted in the classroom or “live” via ZOOM.

  • Enrollees must turn on his/her zoom video and be visually present throughout the training session. The trainer will need to take screenshots with clear and visible faces of all the learners and digital attendance at certain timings throughout the training, as per SSG’s requirement. (If the enrollee become absent at any point of time during the session, the enrollee may receive a ‘Not Yet Competent (NYC)’ certification and the enrollee will not be eligible for course funding).
  • Enrollee must be aware of the fulfilment of course requirement i.e. full attendance, technical requirement for ZOOM Training, and completing and passing the learning assessments (the learning assessments should be done independently by the enrollee, with no assistance from anyone).

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B. Registration and course fees

Please click on the "Apply Now" at the chosen training course to select the preferred training date. After selection of the preferred training date, kindly click on the "Register Now" to complete the course registration with all the mandatory fields filled in.

Service Quality Centre reserves the right to review and amend course fees where appropriate. For all government funded course fees, prevailing funding rates as set out by the relevant government agency apply.

Participant is to select the correct and suitable language medium of the course (if any) during enrollment. Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd will not be liable for any failures due to enrolment in the incorrect language medium.

The course you have registered for is subject to confirmation. Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or re-schedule the class without prior notice.

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C. Funding

The participant is bound by the Terms and Conditions of any applicable funding scheme as approved by Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd. For Funded Courses (E.g. SSG, SDF), Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd reserves the rights to collect full course fees should the participant fail to meet any of the requirements of the funding scheme or is unable to meet the following requirements (whichever is applicable):

  • Course fees have not been fully paid.
  • Trainee achieves less than the minimum attendance required by the course.
  • Trainee fails to sit for the required examinations/assessment where applicable.
  • There is no employer-employee relationship and CPF contribution for employer-sponsored trainee.

Please click HERE for detailed information on course fee funding schemes, SkillsFuture credit, and complete listing of funded courses.

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D. Replacement of participants

Written request for replacement of participants is allowed provided the replacement candidate(s) meet(s) the course and funding eligibility criteria. There will be no charges/penalties for replacements. Such request must reach Service Quality Centre in writing at least 3 working days before course commencement.

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E. Refund and cancellation policy

Client/Participant who have been accepted into the course and subsequently decide to withdraw are required to provide written notice to the Service Quality Centre, at least 10 working days before the training commencement.

Written Notice Received by Service Quality CentreFees levied (%)
6 – 9 working days prior to scheduled course commencement date25% of minimum fee per run/participant
3 – 5 working days prior to scheduled course commencement date50% of minimum fee per run/participant
Less than 3 working days prior to scheduled course commencement date100% of minimum fee per run/participant

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F. Reprinting of certificate

Certificate holder can request for the reprinting of his/her certificate at a chargeable fee. To request a reprint of the certificate, the certificate holder needs to supply enough information to Service Quality Centre to make the original certificate status traceable. This can be done by supplying information such as the email address registered at the time of taking the exam and/or the certificate number etc. Reprinting of the certificate is chargeable based on the type of certification required.

  • Non WSQ Certificate = S$50 + 8% GST = S$54.00
  • WSQ Certificate (E-Certificate) = S$25 + 8% GST = S$27.00

Service Quality Centre is at no time responsible for lost or damaged certificate as this is not within its control and hence subsequent reprints requested will be charged again at the above-mentioned rates. Reprinting of certificate will only start when the full nett amount is received. To request a reprint, please send an email to

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G. Payment

For company-sponsored participant(s)

An official e-invoice will be emailed to you a week upon course completion. Kindly make the payment within the credit term as stated on the e-invoice issued.

For self-sponsored participant(s)

Payment to be made five working days BEFORE the course commencement date unless otherwise notified.

Modes of payment

These modes of payment are accepted:

(1) Internet Banking / ATM – please make payment to United Overseas Bank (UOB) account no. 416-300-838-0

(2) PayNow – transfer payment to Unique Entity Number (UEN) 199003051G

For payment by (1) and (2), kindly provide the following details via WhatsApp to +65 9741 8687 or email to
– Name as per NRIC
– Course Title
– Proof of payment clearly showing your account name / account no., date of transfer, and amount transferred

(3) Cheque – should be crossed and made payable to “Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd” together with participant(s) name(s), invoice no., course title and course date indicated on the reverse side of the cheque.

For use of SkillsFuture Credit on training courses, please click HERE for more information.

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H. Others

Service Quality Centre is committed to minimise disruption and inconvenience to participants and take all possible measures to do so. However, given that circumstances do change, Service Quality Centre reserves the right to:

  • Cancel/postpone/re-schedule classes should it be necessary, making every effort to inform participants of any changes in advance or
  • Re-assign classes to specific alternative venues or training rooms as the situation arises

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