SQC Customer Experience (CX) Transformation

SQC’s CX Transformation

Since 1999, Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd (SQC) has partnered with our clients to create impactful strategies that enhance their management systems and processes, improve organisational practices and capabilities, and their abilities to stay resilient in times of change. SQC’s CX Transformation helps clients to ensure that there was an overall improvement in standards of service delivery to internal and external customers, as well as achieve consistent service delivery across all touchpoints.

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Mystery Shopping Report, Customer Satisfaction Analysis Report, SQ Scan© Report, Qualitative Data Analysis Report, Employee Engagement Survey Report

Develop a strategic approach to define the core principles of organisation's service DNA

Comprehensive evaluation, Guide to resolve gaps and redesign processes, Servicescape, Training template, New service standards

Customised training programmes, Follow-up sessions, Coaching sessions

Checklist (weekly/monthly), Annual action plan (3-Year/5-Year Service Masterplan)

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