Learn-Lite Series©

Learning should never be heavy. Tailored to meet organisational and professional requirements, the Learn-Lite Series© empower organisations to address specific learning needs of their employees through targeted learning. Employees also benefit from enhanced knowledge retention and reduce cognitive overload, thus developing professional excellence. Dive into the key elements of each topic with precision and achieve impactful learning outcomes effortlessly during the 3hr learning session.

Learn-Lite Series Bundle A: “Knowing Me, Knowing You” – Emotional Intelligence + “Pause in a Hurried World” – Mindfulness
Learn-Lite Series Bundle B: “Accepting People Just the Way They Are” – Workplace Diversity and Inclusivity + “Working Through Our Differences” – Conflict Resolution
Learn-Lite Series Bundle C: “Thrive in a VUCA Environment” – Agility and Resilience + “Personal Mastery” – Personal Effectiveness

The training courses are customisable to suit organisational needs.

For more details, please contact us at +65 6376 0777 or email learning@sqcentre.com.

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