Service Coach (Level 3)

The Service Coach (Level 3) programme aims to groom service coaches with the skills and competencies to nurture and supervise staff for service excellence. The competencies at this level are aimed at grooming service coaches to be role models to new entrants. Competencies include coaching skills, as well as relationship management skills to build their ability to establish customer relationships. Individuals will also be introduced to skills in managing service operations and service performance.

The training programme is customisable to suit organisational needs.

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Service Coach (Level 3)
Coach for Service Performance (Service Coaching)

Coach for Service Performance (Service Coaching) (Chinese) 服务绩效指导 (16小时)

TGS-2020506103 | SSG Funded
重要通知 : 课堂教学将暂时改为网上授课。 本课程涵盖指导个人服务绩效的技能和知识。它包括确定个人的指导需求,准备和提供指导计划。它还包括使用指导技术来缩小服务差距,监测个人的进展,以提高服务绩效。 满足所有要求的学员将收到由新加坡技能培训局(SSG)授予一份成就声明(SOA)。
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Service Coach (Level 3)
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
October 16, 2023 - October 17, 2023

Establish Relationships for Customer Confidence (Service Excellence) (Chinese) 建立提高客户信心的关系 (16小时)

TGS-2020506100 | SSG Funded
重要通知 : 课堂教学将暂时改为网上授课。 本课程包括建立客户对组织的信心的知识和应用技能,并发展客户关系,建立客户忠诚度。它还涉及处理服务机会和上报服务挑战的诀窍。 满足所有要求的学员将收到由新加坡技能培训局(SSG)授予一份成就声明(SOA)。
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