Private Education Institution – SQC

A. Profile

Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd
Registration No.: 199003051G
Registration Validity Period: 26 Mar 2022 to 25 Mar 2024

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B. Organisation Chart, Academic Board and Examination Board


SQC Board of Directors:
Mr. Shareef Bin Abdul Jaffar
Dr. Eric Kuan
Mr. Roger Tham

Head of International Business & Consulting Services:
Dennis Tan
Head of Business Development & Corporate Learning / Special Projects: Shirley Tan
Corporate Learning & Product Development: Eva Chua
Human Resources & Administration: Elizabeth Peh
Finance & CPE Secretariat: Christopher Lee
Operations: Eric Koh
Marketing: Calista Choo

Academic Board
Dennis Tan
Shirley Tan
Eva Chua

Examination Board
Dennis Tan
Eric Koh
Christopher Lee

C. Optimal Learning Experience

To ensure quality and optimise effectiveness of the learning experience, SQC adopts the 1 trainer to maximum 20 learners ratio. This allows the trainer to have greater focus on individuals and positively impact their learning outcomes.

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D. Trainer List

Please click HERE to view the list of trainers that provide training for certifiable programmes.

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E. Downloadable Resources

The CPE requires all private education institutions and their participants to sign a student contract for any course that is longer than two months. The student contract sets out the contractual commitments of both the participant and the private institution. Once signed, both parties will be contractually bound to the agreed terms and conditions stated in the document. The student contract also contains other key mutual obligations of the private institution and the participant on matters such as course details and payment terms. It is hence critical that you read and understand the terms and conditions carefully before signing and committing yourself to the contract.

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