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Service Quality Centre, the leading training institute in Singapore, now offers you the unique opportunity to be its franchise partner in providing quality training programmes that enable customers to reach peak business performance.



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“If you have a passion and commitment for training and service excellence, we invite you to take your very first step towards being a member of the Service Quality Centre Franchise Network.”

– Mr Nolan Tan, Chief Executive of Service Quality Centre

The Service Quality Centre Franchise Advantage

As a Service Quality Centre Franchisee, you can instantly tap on Service Quality Centre’s proven and successful track record in the training industry.

Service Quality Centre will work with you to build and deliver the unique training experience that gives you distinct advantages over the competition. Our streamlined Service Quality and Innovation solutions, down-to-earth approach, backed by proven experience and superior customer service, is another element that sets us apart from our competitors.

Servicing our Franchisees with a long term perspective and with consideration to strategic fit is our philosophy. We grow with our clients and partners by getting to know them, their organisations and their business objectives, and by providing the highest quality work that adds value every step of the way.

Comprehensive Franchise Support


Our Proprietary and Proven Training Programmes

You can tap into Service Quality Centre’s proprietary and proven training programmes, with on-going transfer of know-how. We will provide guidelines on trainer qualifications, trainer slides, trainer guides, participant training workbook content, and train your trainers to deliver quality training programmes.


Our Comprehensive Start-up Training and Support

You will have access to Service Quality Centre’s comprehensive start-up training and support that covers various areas of the franchise business, such as management of day-to-day operations, use of Information Technology, sales and marketing, and customer service. We will reduce your learning curve by providing advice and assistance on critical aspects of the training business.


Our On-Going Training and Support

You will have access to Service Quality Centre’s on-going training and support services in managing your franchise business. As your partner in franchising, we are committed to helping you excel and succeed in the training industry.


Our Detailed Franchise Operations Manual

You will have access to Service Quality Centre’s detailed Franchise Operations Manual to guide you in managing and running your franchise operations. Our Manual has been developed with the needs of a new franchise in mind and contains user-friendly and easy to understand guidelines, policies, procedures and processes.


Continuous Innovation and Improvements

You can depend on Service Quality Centre’s efforts to innovate to be in the forefront of the training industry. As our Franchisee, you can access and benefit from our commitment to continuous innovation and improvements in delivering top-notch training programmes that differentiates you from the competition.

Talk to us and find out more on how you can be part of

Service Quality Centre Franchise Network

If you have a passion and commitment for training and service excellence, we invite you to take your very first step towards being a member of the Service Quality Centre Franchise Network. Simply fill up the Franchise Enquiry Form below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the requirements of a Service Quality Centre franchisee?

These are the key requirements for a Service Quality Centre Franchisee:

  • Passion for training and continual education
  • Commitment to deliver world class training programmes
  • A sound and established business track record
  • Financial resources to invest in a training business
  • Resources to develop and grow the business
What franchise opportunities are available?

Service Quality Centre offers you the opportunity to be an Area Franchisee. As our Area Franchisees, you will be given the franchise rights to manage and offer Service Quality Centre Training Programmes exclusively in a specific territory.

What Fees are Charged for a Service Quality Centre Franchise?

The primary fees charged for a Service Quality Centre Franchise are:

  • Initial Franchise Fee (non-refundable) to cover the training and use of Service Quality Centre’s Intellectual Property.
  • Royalties for on-going support from Service Quality Centre and the continual use of Service Quality Centre’s Intellectual Property.
What are the other investment costs that you should be aware of?

Other investment costs to be borne by you are renovation cost, furniture and fittings cost, equipment cost, software cost, working capital and rentals.

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The term of a Service Quality Centre Franchise Agreement is typically for an initial term of [5 years].

The initial term can be renewed for another [5 years], subject to no material breach of the terms of the Franchise Agreement. You will need to pay a fee for renewal and the renewal fee has to be paid before the initial term expires. It is Service Quality Centre’s final decision as to whether the initial term is renewed.

What training will be provided to a Service Quality Centre franchisee?

Service Quality Centre will provide you comprehensive initial start-up training on the training programmes, know-how, procedures, processes and policies required to manage and operate a training business.

There will also be on-going training for franchisees as and when required e.g. when there is a launch of new training programmes or improvements in the training system.

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