Apr 28
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

2023 Webinar – Achieve Workplace Success Through Critical Thinking And Developing My Best Self

Webinar - Achieve Workplace Success Through Critical Thinking And Developing My Best Self

Conducted via Zoom

Through this webinar, you will gain insights to the clusters of critical core skills such as interacting with others and thinking critically. These skills allow organisations to remain nimble and agile when corporate strategies change, and business needs transform. Individuals equipped with critical core skills remain relevant to present times and acquire capabilities that they need to perform in the job roles that they serve in, to adapt to changes and seize career development opportunities.

This webinar focuses on 2 main topics:

1) Develop my best self to work collaboratively with others

What you will learn:

  • Apply the know-how to collaborate with co-workers to fulfil own responsibilities and contribute to team goals
  • Learn to respond respectfully to differences, build rapport with co-workers, and contribute to positive working environment
  • Display a positive attitude and etiquette during challenging situations, with the application of emotional intelligence and empathy
About the Presenter

Mr Jim Lim is an accomplished adult educator and author with 19 years of experience in training, coaching, facilitation, counselling, and education. He specialises in areas of mental health and emotional intelligence, choice theory, personal development, mentoring, team building and performance management. His fundamental belief of “We don’t need more information, but more inspiration” influences his training style. His participants not only gain new knowledge and skills, but also be inspired to make positive changes.

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Social Work; Bachelor of Arts Psychology; Faculty Member (William Glasser Institute International & Singapore); Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA); Certified Choice Theory and Reality Therapist
2) Cultivate critical and creative thinking for workplace success

What you will learn:

  • Understand the principles and foundations of creative and critical thinking
  • Learn about the different phases of the critical thinking process
  • Cultivate an attitude necessary for critical thinking
  • Able to use brainstorming methods to aid creative thinking
About the Presenter

Mr Jit Sharma is an experienced trainer, facilitator, and curriculum developer with over 15 years’ experience in helping individuals and organisations achieve their training and learning goals in areas such as human resources, customer service and engagement, creative thinking, critical thinking, mental wellness, team building and art of writing. He is an expert in incorporating psychological theories and practices, experiential learning processes, and design thinking in his training and course design to create sticky-learning moments.

Masters in Neuropsychology & Mental Wellness; Bachelor of Psychology, James Cook University; Bachelor of Business Administration, Wolverhampton University; Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) & Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), Institute for Adult Learning; Certified Coach, Singapore Management University

(Registration closes on 21 April 2023, subject to availability of seats.)

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