Business Excellence (BE)

The BE initiative provides organisations with a roadmap for excellence and organisational performance through the enhancement of management systems and processes to reflect the dynamic operating environment and changing management priorities.

Business Excellence Road Map


Category 01: Leadership

  • Set strategic direction for the organisation
  • Instil the mindset of excellence
  • Proper communication channel to key stakeholders

Category 02: Customers

  • Immersive customer experience at different touchpoints
  • Improve service processes and customer satisfaction
  • Adopt service mind-set
  • Foster a culture of service excellence and service delivery
  • Manage service challenges

Category 03: Strategy

  • Develop and implement strategic plans based on the organisational capabilities and external environment

Category 04: People

  • Foster a culture of empowerment
  • Equip with the relevant knowledge
  • Develop positive attitudes towards excellence
  • Highly skilled and deliver high performance

Category 05: Processes

  • Identify management of key and support processes to achieve the organisational strategic goals
  • Implement innovation and design processes to shorten cycle time, improve design quality, and reduce costs

Category 06: Knowledge

  • Determine how information is harnessed for learning, planning, and decision-making
  • Effective use of knowledge to create value for the organisation

Category 07: Results

  • Measure key performance indicators to track customer, financial and market, people, and operational results

BE Award Winners

  • Singapore Quality Award
  • Innovation Excellence Award
  • People Excellence Award
  • Service Excellence Award

List of BE Award Winners can be found HERE

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