Customer Experience (CX)

Service Quality Centre (SQC) service all clients with a long-term perspective and take into consideration of strategic fit. SQC grow with its clients by getting to know them, their organisations and their business objectives, and by providing the highest quality work that adds value every step of the way.

Customer Experience (CX) Journey Mapping

A. CX Journey

  • Create a map from your customer’s perspective
  • Better appreciate the dynamics in the entire customer experience process
  • Overview of customer experience
  • Conduct a proper analysis on the various service fail-points or service gaps

B. CX Mapping

  • Clearly define the process for tracking your customer’s journey
  • Identify what you can do to maximise the customer experience

C. CX Service Standards

  • Examine customer behaviour when it comes to service
  • Determine what you can do to satisfy the needs of your customers
  • Create value for your customers

D. CX Improvement Plans

  • Map out improvements to the customer experience in the organisation

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