Safe Management Measures

Important Information for SQC's Participants

SQC will continue to adopt a cautious approach in our mode of training delivery to safeguard the well-being of our participants, trainers, and staff, while ensuring that learning is optimal.

Our training will be conducted via 2 modes:

  • Face-to-face learning (in-person classes)
  • Full online learning (Synchronous e-Learning)

Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (15 January 2022 onwards):

  • Please note that only individuals who are fully vaccinated, certified to be medically ineligible or have recovered from COVID-19 within 180 days, are allowed to enter the SQC’s premises and MDIS Campus.

Following individuals will be denied entry into SQC's premises and MDIS Campus:

  • Those who are unwell
  • Those who are well but test positive for COVID-19
  • Those who received Health Risk Notice or informed by infected person of exposure
  • Those without a mask

Precautionary Measures for Participants

Participants attending in-person classes must adhere to the safe management measures. The full list of applicable precautionary measures can be found below.

List of Precautionary Measures

1. SafeEntry App

covid safe entry

Participants are required to check-in and check-out as they enter/exit our premises via a SafeEntry application. The QR codes are located at all entry/exit points.

2. Use of Face Masks 

covid wear mask

Proper use of face masks (covering the nose and mouth) is mandatory while in our premises.

3. Provision of refreshments/meal arrangements will not be available 

Participants should keep their masks on at all times where possible and are strongly discouraged from eating and drinking during class and in the training premises.

For Assistance

Please contact us at 6376 0777 or email learning@sqcentre.com for any enquiries.

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