COVID-19 Safe Management Measures

Important Information for SQC's Participants

Singapore is resuming activities progressively with the necessary safe management measures in place.

SQC being a responsible training organisation, we will continue to adopt a cautious approach in our mode of training delivery to safeguard the well-being of our participants, trainers, and staff, while ensuring that learning is optimal.

Our training will be conducted via 2 modes:

  • Face-to-face learning (in-person classes)
  • Full online learning (Synchronous e-Learning)

Following individuals will be denied entry into SQC's premises for in-person classes: 

  • Those who are unwell (fever, cough, shortness of breath, blocked nose or runny nose, sore throat, or loss of smell)
  • Those of Quarantine Order (QO), Stay Home Notice (SHN), or Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Those who have a travel history in the last 14 days
  • Those without a mask

Precautionary Measures for Participants

Participants attending in-person classes must adhere to the safe management / social distancing measures, travel, and close contact declaration requirements.  The full list of applicable precautionary measures can be found below.

Participants must complete the travel and close contact declaration form available below, before coming to SQC for class.

List of Precautionary Measures

1. SafeEntry App

covid safe entry

Participants are required to check-in and check out as they enter/exit our premises via a SafeEntry application.  The QR codes are located at all entry/exit points.

2. Daily Temperature recording

covid temperature

Participants are required to have their temperature recorded daily at the temperature recording points located at the entry/exit points twice a day (AM/PM)

3. Travel and Close Contact Declaration (Including Household Members Who Are Sick)

covid declaration

a. Participants should not come to class if they are unwell and should see a doctor immediately, even if the symptoms are mild.

b. Participants with sick household members (e.g. with fever, cough, sore throat, loss of sense of smell) must not come to class as a precaution, even if they do not have the symptoms.

c. All non-essential overseas travel should be deferred.

d. Participants are required to complete a travel and close contact declaration form before class starts. It is a requirement for all PEIs to administer this travel and close contact declaration form to all our participants. This is also in compliance with MOM’s requirements for Safe Management Measures at the workplace. Click HERE for more information.
Note: Anyone making false declarations can be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act.

4. Social Gathering and Safe Distancing

covid social distance  covid 1 meter apart

a. Social gathering during break time or after class among participants and/or their adult educators should be avoided.

b. Participants and Trainers should continue to ensure safe distancing of at least one metre at all times.

5. Use of Face Masks and Face Shields

covid wear mask

a. Proper use of face masks (covering the nose and mouth) is mandatory while in our premises.

b. Face shields are allowed only for specific groups of persons, in place of masks, as per the Ministry of Health’s guideline. Click HERE for more information.

  • Persons who have health conditions that may result in breathing or other medical difficulties when a mask is worn for a prolonged period of time; and
  • Persons who are speaking to a group in a classroom or lecture-style setting, where they largely remain at the spot from which they are speaking, and are able to maintain a safe distance away from any other persons.
  • A face shield must be worn properly so that it covers the entire face, from the forehead to below the chin, wrapping around the sides of the face.

6. Refreshments

(NOTE: Refreshments will not be available during this period.)

covid food

Please note the following:

a. Individually packed refreshments will be provided (coffee or tea & biscuits).

b. Plain water dispensers will be available.

Other Important Information

All visitors to SQC are required to undergo temperature screening and check-in and out via the SafeEntry system at the various entry points within SQC premises

  • MDIS Stirling Road Campus’ guardhouse and at Block E, level 4 lift lobby.
  • DNI Campus (main entrance)

Participants are encouraged to turn on their phone’s Bluetooth and TraceTogether app or carry around their TraceTogether token at all times.

The dedicated QR codes are available at the following entry/exit points in SQC’s premises:

  • MDIS Stirling Road Campus’ guardhouse
  • DNI Campus main entrance #05-01

For Assistance

Please contact us at  6376 0777 or learning@sqcentre.com for any enquiries.

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