Funding Overview

B. Course Fee Funding for self-sponsored individuals

Type of Course   Course Level   Singapore Citizens and
Permanent Residents (Aged ≥ 21 years old)                                                    
Aged ≥ 40 years old (Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy MCEs)                                                                            Aged ≥ 35 years old and earning ≤ $2,000/month (Workfare Training Support WTS) w.e.f. 1 Jan 2019
Certifiable Courses Non-PMET 80% of course fees, capped at $17/hour 90% of course fees, capped at $25/hour Up to 95% of course fees, capped at $26.50/hour
PMET 50% of course fees, capped at $15/hour 90% of course fees, capped at $50/hour Up to 95% of course fees, capped at $53/hour

Further funding possibilities await organisations and individuals. In applying for funding support, specific terms and conditions apply.

C. SkillsFuture Credit

SkillsFuture Credit aims to encourage individuals to take ownership of their skills development and lifelong learning. All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses.

D. Complete Listing of SSG Funded Courses

Please click HERE for SSG course reference number and funding validity period.

E. Terms and Conditions

Participants are required to have the ability to speak, listen, read, and write in the course of work using English as the main language of communication. They are expected to have at least a Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Proficiency Level 5 or GCE “N”/“O” Level pass. They are strongly encouraged to achieve 100% attendance per module. Should the participant not meet the minimum eligibility criteria, fulfil attendance criteria, and complete all necessary assessments as required by SkillsFuture Singapore Agency (SSG) and Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd, the participant will be deemed as “Not Yet Competent” (NYC) and is liable to pay the full fees for the consumed module(s).


Contact our dedicated customer service team at +65 6376 0777 for ready consultation and advice on suitable courses and funding options.